Archive: July 2016

Having a Child Interested in Race Horses

Some people get into competitive horse sports that have nothing to do with betting. Some folks put a lot of money into competitions to earn trophies and prizes. There are race horses that run on tracks for spectators that have put down money in hopes of winning. There are other horse races that are competitive events that do not have betting windows. Our daughter enjoys jump horses. Sometimes I think the gear is just as costly as buying the horse. She tells me that it is cheaper than if she was interested in racing cars, and that is something we both agree on. We found a training facility for her horse that actually has a very low initial investment and monthly fee. Plus it is one of the most prestigious ones around.

When she first began to get an interest in race horses, I thought that we would never be able to afford the horse, without even regarding the gear, training and care for the horse. The cost for the training of the horse is actually much lower than I thought it wold be. Yes, it is pricier than if she just wanted to be a track star. (more…)

Setting Up a Safe Manufacturing Floor in an Old Plant

We renovated an old mill to house our production machinery to now make injected molded parts. We do both high strength plastic injection molding as well as molding metal parts. These machines are big. Some of them are taller than three people. We needed to build plant platform walkways and access areas to get to areas of the machines that need routine maintenance. It was too time consuming to set up scaffolding every time something needed lubed or adjusted.

The plant platform manufacturing company we used designed access stairs and overhead platforms that did not get in the way of machines or personnel. We could now just shut down a machine for a short period while something was fixed or maintenance was done rather than shutting down for hours while scaffolds and ladders were set up. We used to have some crew access machine parts using harnesses. Now they can just climb up stairs and walk to where they need to go.

The tolerances the plant platform structures we had made were followed to the degree that everything fits perfectly. One platform needed to fit right over a small hatch. (more…)