Maid Cafe History


“Maid” between colleagues and otaku is a very popular category. While wearing a maid outfit with the girls as a cafe waiter is a maid cafe (corresponding Chinese character can also be written as “deep soil Cafe”). Although there are different names, such as maid coffee, COSPLAY cafe, Cosplay Café, Cos Café, etc., but now usually called a maid cafe.


In the origins of the store has a deep “game” element, is playing the game in order to reproduce the character of clothing, etc., so also has this to say, “This is not a maid cafe, but cosplay cafe,” In this case, Some people think that because of the waiter and the popular witch Nagoya izakaya “diet Yagami Days” (1999 ~ 2003 officially opened collapse) is their ancestor.

I also have a friend Moe maid, and some in Nagoya, so often run around with, such as appear before this cafe because deformation French maid’s dress and very popular shop “annamillers”, as well as the rich flavor Meiji The “carriage road”, there is the underground shopping malls and other Western-style pastry shop (^ – ^;), granted these stores are already very familiar with, was not so much a maid cafe, as it is “cosplay cafe “more appropriate. (Diet Yagami day witch is giving a COS izakaya feeling.)

Speaking maid cafe service, then the clerk wearing a maid outfit of natural Needless to say, secondly also need to store full of exotic breeds, but also how to have some acting, and a unique method of hospitality. Guests visit when he said: “The owner, welcome back (welcome back ~ Welcome back ~)!” In some store, if the guests ordered coffee, then you add milk and stir with a spoon, point Omurice then it top with tomato sauce painted pattern, or write “Moe” text.
After further development, also started a number of special services, such as maids and staff together emoticons or Polaroid photo shoot, or let the clerk “call – call -” will blow cold after rice chowder then fed guests to eat, as well as the shop can play with poker and video games. Guests leave, the maid staff were collective farewell said “Master, please walking! (Slow – go – go slow)” Services like these are representative.

During 2004 to 2005, Moe otaku culture and culture began to be widely known to the public, but as a symbol of one of the maid cafes are thus shine.


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