Tutorials for a Perfect Bridal Makeup


1. healthy skin is the bride makeup of the key – the best two months before the prospective brides in the wedding started doing facials regularly, so that it is conducive to clean before makeup.
2. Select the middle of the wedding and skin color as their foundation – this allows you to better bring out the wedding day beautiful complexion.
3. For low collar wedding solution – best to take some foundation in the neck, it will look more natural.
4. Prepare concealer – it can help you have a good cover up dark circles.
5. On the cheeks pale pink brush on a little rouge, make the whole face shiny and elastic, so you all day sparkle.
6. neutral beige lipstick and lip liner with the color slightly darker is the perfect combination.
7. run lipstick, and then coated with a layer of transparent lip gloss does not fade, avoid embarrassing phenomenon lipstick off, allowing you to safely travel between guests.
8. If the lips are too thin, you can pounced layer of powder coated finish and then lipstick, then apply a layer of lipstick, which can make your lips look plump.
9. prospective brides choose the best time to trim the eyebrows in the two weeks before the wedding, so to avoid allergic skin redness phenomenon wedding day.
10. Choose waterproof mascara, preferably dark brown, you can let your eyes outline more clearly. But do not be too exaggerated eye makeup, bridal makeup is not the same as theatrical makeup.
11. Special Care Hand – the nails must be trimmed to remove some of the aging of the skin, and then coated with a transparent or light pink nail polish.


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