I Was Not Guilty of Any Crime

If someone would have asked me at any time in the past if I thought I would ever need a Sacramento criminal attorney, I probably would have laughed over the absurdity of it. When I was charged with a crime though, I definitely was not laughing. I knew that I was innocent, but it seemed like I was in the minority. My main problem was that I am a loner, so a lot of people really don’t know me that well. I was tried in the court of public opinion even before it reached the real court room.

I knew that people were just being how most people are, and I really cannot fault them for that. I did fault the police though for doing such a shoddy investigation. I did not have an alibi, and some of the evidence to point to me. I had no idea how that even happened, but I did know that I was absolutely not guilty of any crimes. I also knew that this was not a fight I could win on my own. I did not have the expertise or knowledge to even begin fighting it.

I went online and did some research on various criminal attorneys in the area. When I read some of the testimonies of people who have used Amerio Law Firm, I knew that I was in good hands with them. While I wanted people to believe in my innocence, I knew that it would not matter if my attorney did or not because he would fight for my rights regardless. A funny thing happened during his investigation on what happened though. Not only was he able to clear my name, but it also became very evident on what had happened and who caused this chain of events to even occur. I am so thankful for this law firm for their belief in me, and also for proving to the world that I am innocent.


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