DWI Lawyer for a First Offense

I was recently pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol, and I can easily classify it as the worst decision I have ever made in my life. It is really strange too, because it is something that I have just flat out never done before in my life, and so I don’t know what compelled me to do something so stupid. I am looking at info on a DWI lawyer in Schenectady NY to hire to represent me in this case, because I really do not want to lose my license over this matter.

I do not think that I will lose my license, because I am a first time offender, but I have never had this sort of issue before, and at the moment, I have not even looked into what the laws are like in this state. It just isn’t something I have ever needed to know about; because, as I already pointed out, drinking in driving is something that I just simply haven’t done before in my life.

I guess I have drove maybe a handful of times, and that’s literally it, after consuming maybe a beer or two. I would still be well under the legal limit for blood alcohol content in those situations. But even so, I was not really all that comfortable with drinking and driving after such a small amount of alcohol. So I am still baffled how I came to make such a bad decision, and I know I will never do it again. However, I might still end up in a pretty bad situation because of it. I really hope that I won’t get hit too hard by the legal penalties, and so that is why I am going to hire a lawyer to make my odds a bit better.


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